About the LSA

About the Leeds Softball Association

Leeds Softball Association (LSA) was set up the aims of both raising interest in and awareness of softball as well as making sure adult players and their supporters are able to maximise their interest in this rapidly developing sport.

The Association has a 8 teams, and encourages new teams and new players to join. In addition to a warm welcome, all equipment is provided.

Individual Leeds League teams sometimes enter national competitions, but in general players from the league are pooled to form tournament teams and are selected based on form and reliability.

LSA are always pleased to hear from individual players and new teams who wish to join the league. If you’d like find out more, contact us via the league email address.


The league was formed in 1992 as a corporate league with four teams, mainly representing surveyors’ firms. The Leeds season runs from the start of May to the end of August and includes a knockout Cup competition in addition to the league schedule.


The committee is elected each year from the members of the association Current represented by:
President – Richard Handby
Vice President – Pippa Wilson
Vice President – Jo Galloway
Treasurer – Tom Wilson
Secretary – Rhiannon Howden

For the most up to date information about the league, see our Facebook page.