Softball is very similar to baseball, played with a larger ball on a smaller diamond. The “soft” part comes from the underarm pitches. Leeds Softball League is a co-ed, slow pitch league.

Co-ed slow pitch softball is a recreational, social and enjoyable game that’s easy to learn and play. Teams consist of five men and five women. We have inclusivity rules for to cater for non-binary and other genders. Games run throughout the year with an outdoor and indoor season. The sport has a social buzz and games are followed by a debrief in the clubhouse.

Leeds Softball Association prides itself on being a fully inclusive league.​

​Absolutely! Leeds Softball welcomes newcomers and runs open weekly training sessions during the spring and summer months, with indoor sessions in the winter.

A reasonable level of fitness is required for softball. The game involves short bursts of energy, running between bases and running to the ball. It is not as strenuous as other team sports that require running for long periods e.g. football.

Overall,  softball values teamwork and communication over individual ability, making it accessible to people of all physical prowess, age, or experience.

Yes, the qualified team of friendly player-coaches will mentor and offer assistance to new players, regardless of their starting skill level.

To also register as a new player and receive updates on when our sessions will open again, fill in your details on this Google form:

We play softball outdoors at Adel War Memorial Association, located at Church Lane, Adel, Leeds LS16 8DE.

​For indoor sessions, we use Gryphon Sports Centre at the University of Leeds, situated on Woodsley Road, Leeds LS2 9LZ.

Indoor sessions start at £7.00.
For the outdoor season, When you join a team, there will be a fee that goes towards the team’s BSF and league fees and also a weekly game fee, payable to the LSA.

At our training sessions, all equipment is provided.

Should you wish to join a team, teams often have equipment for their players to share. As a minimum, it will be useful to buy your own glove. We also recommend a pair of football/hockey boots. Some players like to wear shin guards.

​The minimum age for training sessions and games is 14.

​Training occurs on Tuesdays from 6:30 pm until dark at the Adel War Memorial Association Playing Fields during spring and summer, and indoor sessions are held in winter.

Leeds Softball organizes regular social events, including bowling, pool, laser tag, and an end-of-season awards ceremony.

​For more information on anything related to Softball in Leeds, please use the form on the contact page.